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Massowash Auto Shampoo is a powerful 4WD maintenance product. It is a heavy duty, yet fully biodegradable degreaser that rapidly penetrates and lifts oils, greases and fats. Massowash Auto Shampoo is a concentrated formulation of naturally occurring organic products that derive their cleaning power from d’limonene a solvent extracted from the essences of citrus products. Massowash Auto Shampoo also contains three separate corrosion inhibitors to provide long lasting protection to valuable machined surfaces.

Massowash Auto Shampoo has been approved by Australian quarantine authorities as safe for use in our food preparation areas. It passes the de-emulsification “Quick break” tests, which makes it the perfect degreaser for businesses using oil / water separator systems. Although Massowash Auto Shampoo is slightly alkaline, it is gentle on the skin and is free rinsing without leaving a residual film.

Massowash Auto Shampoo biodegrades rapidly and is safe for the environment and sensitive eco-systems. The degreaser ideally compliments waste water control systems for commercial and industrial discharges. Massowash Auto Shampoo is proving to be a most effective and economical degreaser, replacing many harsh chemicals and solvents that are detrimental to the environment and harmful to people. Massowash Auto Shampoo is safe to use in bio-cycle, septic and grease trap systems where it promotes the beneficial biological activity of the naturally occurring microbes that digest organic and hydrocarbon wastes and aid in deodorizing these systems. If required, Massowash Auto Shampoo may itself be made bio-active to help remove and prevent the accumulation of oils, greases and fats on surfaces that may be difficult to maintain.

Concentrated water soluble detergent.
Powerful penetrating and cleaning effectiveness of D’limonene solvents
Natural Organic and full Biodegradable Ingredients
Mild pleasant and lingering Citrus Fragrance
Built-in corrosion inhibitors
Australian made
AQIS Approved for use in food processing areas
Safe to Human and the environment
Slightly Alkaline
Broad Spectrum Multipurpose replacement for many harsh degreasing agents
Ideal for commercial and industrial applications
Passes Quick Break, de-emulsification requirement.

Dilution Ratios:
Machine Parts Washing 1 : 4.
Aircraft Wash 1 : 19.
External Truck & Plant Wash 1 : 200.
Kitchen & Cooking area1 : 50.
Floors/Walls/Seating 1 : 100.
Bathroom 1 : 100.
Mirrors/Windows 1 : 200.
For areas of heavy grease or soiling, increase concentration of Massowash Auto Shampoo and allow solution to soak into and soften the grime for about 5 – 10 minutes.


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