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Rhino Side Boat Loader



Rhino’s innovative design allows one-man loading and unloading using a 18V battery powered cordless drill. Simply winch the boat up from the passenger side of your vehicle and slide it onto the roof. The Side Boat Loader is perfect for solo fishermen, retirees, or anyone towing a caravan or trailer. It also prevents injury as it means you won’t need to strain your back to load or unload your small boat.

The Side Boat Loader is compatible with a range of vehicles including 4WDs, low roof camper vans and station wagons. If you’re not sure whether the Side Boat Loader will work with your car, chat to your local Rhino dealer.


  • Loads from passenger side of vehicle
  • Uses a hand drill for effortless loading – no need to strain your back!
  • Can be fitted to crossbars 1250mm and up
  • Works best with boats up to 3.65m (12 ft in length)
  • Maximum weight capacity 80kg
  • Smart way to carry your boat and tow something else at the same time
  • Fits a range of vehicles
  • 5 Year Warranty


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