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SALT ASSAULT is a general purpose cleaner that not only removes mild to medium soils, grease, oil and hydrocarbons but also removes even the harshest of salt build up! Fresh water (which contains chlorine) and ordinary soaps (which for the most part contain salt as a building agent) will not remove stubborn salt film from surfaces. This film is the first stage of corrosion! SALT ASSAULT works quickly as a form of 4WD rust prevention to deactivate, dissolve and remove this film, thus extending the usable life of any surface exposed to salt! A unique corrosion inhibitor in SALT ASSAULT actually leaves a dry non-oily coating to help protect temporarily against further salt exposure.

Repeated use in the field by retail, industrial and military customers has shown that when used regularly as part of a “Preventive Maintenance” program, SALT ASSAULT removes even the harshest build up of salt and salt film from all types of surfaces, without harming paints, oils, greases, fabrics, rubber items, plastics, etc. And can add years to the useful life of equipment.

SALT ASSAULT can be used on all wheeled/tracked vehicles, ground support/shipboard equipment, clothing, etc. (do not use on aircraft), anywhere salt is a problem!. SALT ASSAULT is a concentrated rinsing and flushing agent designed exclusively to remove salt film and crystals from virtually any surface! SALT ASSAULT can be used for rinsing ALL tracked and wheeled vehicles, clothing, web gear, tents, scuba gear, buildings and ALL shipboard equipment. SALT ASSAULT can also be used for flushing outboard engines, and jet skis.

Salt is an element that is difficult to remove. Salt actually bonds to the surface and forms a film. This film is the first stage of corrosion!! The more times an item is exposed to salt, the worse this film can become! The bad thing about rinsing with fresh water is that chemicals are added to drinking water to make it fit for human consumption. These chemical’s (mainly chlorine) by their own nature can also be corrosive! Since most soaps contain salt as a building agent, rinsing with fresh water or washing with soap and water can be self defeating! Also, man hours are always scarce and fresh water can be a problem, especially aboard ship or where facilities to produce fresh water are limited! Additionally, soap and fresh water will wash salt into cracks and crevices where it can accumulate and become even harder to remove.

SALT ASSAULT, when mixed with fresh water, does several things. First, it dissolves and lifts the salt film back into solution to be rinsed away! Second, it leaves a thin coating of corrosion inhibitor to help protect any bare metal surfaces. When water containing SALT ASSAULT gets into cracks and crevices, it quickly kills any salt residue that has accumulated. As aggressive as SALT ASSAULT is, independent laboratory tests have proven SALT ASSAULT to be NON-TOXIC & ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE!!


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