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Turbo Kits By Denco



Denco Diesel and Turbo are Australia’s premier manufacturer and distributor of quality diesel turbocharger systems for 4WD vehicles.
A common complaint from diesel vehicle owners is a lack of power. The addition of a Denco Turbo System enhances vehicle performance and efficiency. Designed and manufactured to suit our harsh Australian conditions all turbocharger systems are backed by a national network of Denco trusted distributors.  
Denco systems are set to a low boost pressure and an increase in power of 30-35% on the standard vehicle can be expected. 

Features Include:
• More for your money
• Our straight forward design allows for easy fitting, all systems come complete with fitting instructions and a detailed parts list. 
• Pre-assemble components saving you time and money 
• Oil cavity cooled bearing housing eliminates leaking water hoses 
• Schwitzer S series turbocharger with integral wastegate 
• Hi flow compressor and ducting for better air flow 
• Pulse exhaust manifold for better low down torque 
• Optional – Complete Mandrel bent exhaust system
• Realistic power setting for optimum performance 

With over 30 years experience, Denco’s combined turbo and fuel injection expertise has provided an excellent base for the range of aftermarket turbocharger systems produced locally in their Australian owned facility, and 
proudly exported to the world.
Model           Standard Naturally Aspirated       Turbo .5 Bar Boost
Toyota Hilux 2.8ltr     60KW at 4000RPM                80KW at 3600RPM                                   225NM at 2000RPM              183NM at 2400RPM
Toyota Hilux 3.0ltr    65KW at 4000RPM                 85KW at 3600RPM
                                 197NM at 2400RPM                60NM at 2400RPM               
Toyota L/cruiser 4.2ltr 1HZ   
                                 96KW at 3800RPM                 125KW at 3200RPM
                                 285NM at 2200RPM               390NM at 2000RPM


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